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General FAQ

Frequently asked questions about domains

A domain is an identifier of a web page in the Internet. Firms and companies can be found in the internet by their domain names. E.g. the domain name www.vetohost.com serves to find VetoHost registrar in the internet. A domain name points to a specific IP address.
Click on the "Domains" link in the top menu and select "Register new domain" in the drop-down. Make sure to perform availability check first, Getting Started then you can proceed with registration.
this usually depends on the kind of business you are running. For most businesses .COM is usually best, but you if it's an organization it's better to use .ORG, telecommunication business is best suited for .NET and so on. Domain names end with extensions called TLDs. The TLD is the letters that appear after the last dot in the domain name. For example, .com is a TLD. Fortunately, there are a wide variety of TLDs available, and there are even geographically specific TLDs that specify the location of a website. The cost of a domain name will usually depend upon the TLD. Dotcom domains are the most common, with .org, .net and .info following closely behind in terms of popularity.
Subdomains are actually extensions of a website that are primarily used to separate and categorize web site content. The address of the subdomain appears before the main domain name. For example – subdomain.example.com. It does not cost money to add a subdomain to your web site, and many web hosting providers allow the use of unlimited subdomains. By creating a subdomain you are actually creating a separate web site within your site, which can be used as its own independent directory. When content is uploaded to the subdomain via FTP, a new FTP account should be created for the subdomain to facilitate quicker access to the site's directories and files.
Parked domains are web sites that are not currently being utilized by the site owner. Parked domains often have advertisements on them that are related to the subject of the domain. For example, if you have a domain by the name of “carinsurance.com” then you could park it with advertisements on the page related to that niche or industry. There are two ways a domain name is parked – either by a domain owner through a domain name registrar or by default. When you first purchase a domain name it is parked by the domain name registrar automatically. For example, if you were to purchase a domain name from VetoHost, the domain would be parked by VetoHost automatically, until you place content on the site.