Pricing Plans

Our affordable reseller packages are as follows


Starting At$4

Reseller Bronze

Become a web host today with the bronze package starting at only $4 per month.


Starting At$6

Reseller Bronze

The silver package gives you more features at only $6 per month.


Starting At$8

Reseller Gold

Be a reseller with no limits on resources starting at $8 per month.

Price Details

Compare the packages and select the best suited for your business.

  • SSD Storage
  • Bandwidth
  • Free SSL
  • Free Domain
  • CPanel Accounts
  • WHM Control Panel
  • WHMCS Client Management/Billing Software
  • 50GB
  • 100GB
  • Included
  • 40
  • 70GB
  • 120GB
  • Included
  • 60
  • Unlimited
  • Unmetered
  • Included
  • Unlimited

Services Included

All hosting packages come with these additional services.


24/7/365 Support

Our support staff are always on standby to help you with any questions or technical issues.


30 Day Guarantee

We offer a 30 day money-back guarantee if you will not be satisfied with our products.


99.9% Uptime

Our high-performance cloud platform provides full failover and server redundancy to ensure your website has the highest availability.



With Our Affordable cpanel Reseller you can also get free whmcs shared license with all of our yearly reseller plans.


Free Domain Reseller

With each reseller package you can also avail free domain reseller with zero deposit and a free domain for your business.


Pre-Built Website

We'll even throw in a pre-built website with dummy content to help you take off as soon as possible. You'll only need to customize it to your needs.

General FAQ

See what most users ask about reseller hosting. If you have further questions don't hesitate to contact us or chat with us live.

The basic concept is simple: you purchase web hosting services in bulk and receive a hefty discount. You can then resell these services for an even heftier profit. The purpose of a reseller hosting plan is to provide the tools and resources needed for you to create your own web hosting business from scratch. As a reseller plan holder you will receive access to server resources that can be controlled and delegated by you unto your clients. You have complete control over the software configuration of server, as well as the allocation of server resources and the structure of hosting plans. You can create custom hosting plans using the reseller tools included in your hosting account. You have the ability to brand your hosting company and offer a custom control panel with your company’s logo within your client's web hosting control panel. You can even rename the plans, customizing them according to any specifications you wish. You may also bundle the server resources with other web-based services. If you want to profit from the incredibly lucrative web hosting industry then you may want to consider a reseller hosting plan. You can even sell your hosting company after you have made a decent profit with it!
The process of profiting from reseller hosting is rather simple. Once you have purchased the plan and you have access to the server resources you can then begin creating hosting plans. The key is to sell the server resources for a competitive price while also creating a substantial mark up. As an example, if you are given 1200 GB bandwidth and 120 GB of disk space you could easily keep 20 GB of disk space for your own hosting needs, and then create 10 hosting accounts that contain 100 GB of bandwidth and 10 GB of disk space each. If you are paying $49.95 per month for such a plan, and you sell the hosting plans for $10 per month each, you would be making a profit of $50 per month, and you would also have access to 20 free GB of disk space for your own use. With such benefits it is easy to see why reseller hosting is becoming so popular.
Unlike other hosting plans, reseller hosting gives you the tools needed to create a hosting company with minimal effort. Most reseller plans come with comprehensive site-building tools that allow you to set up a professional site that will solicit clients on autopilot. Every one of your clients gets their own control panel, and you can even brand the control panel and offer custom content management systems as well. You also get an automated internal billing system that will let you invoice your clients automatically each month, making it extremely simple to keep track of business finances. To add to the authenticity of your hosting company, you'll even receive private nameservers that make it appear as if you own your client’s web server. In fact, most reseller hosting providers will work with you to create the most authentic-looking hosting company from scratch. You can even service clients from around the world, as most reseller hosting plans come with multilingual support that lets your clients choose which language they'd prefer for their control panel. If you want to venture into the extremely profitable industry of web hosting then you should definitely consider one of the many comprehensive reseller hosting plans available. Surprisingly, some web hosting companies started as small hosting resellers, and after a few years of building a client base, gradually made enough money to invest in a private data center for their customers. As a hosting reseller, you have the unique opportunity to build a professional web hosting company from the ground up with as little as $4 per month.